XXL Wipeout Nominees 2013

The nominees are out guys. Cast your vote at surfline.com. Brett Burcher, you've got mine!


Surf Survival Training

I have followed the success of Red Bull and its athletes for the best part of 15 years, witnessing a global take over of action sports. From surfing to downhill mountain biking, climbing to galactic free falling, Red Bull have developed an elite contingent of world class athletes prepared to challenge and defy anything and anyone standing in their way. They have undeniably lead the way and have clearly set a precedence when it comes to enhancing and facilitating their elite. 

Here is a great insight into some of the rigorous training and preparation programmes used to assist their top guys achieve the unachievable. Red Bull gives you... gills?


Board Swap

I love this clip! A brilliantly fun little insight into the creative minds of Dan Malloy and Dane Reynolds- the man about town when it comes to ripping, (unconventional boards in particular). Short, fat, wide-ass stubby sticks have hit our lineups worldwide in recent years and it's all down to a select few innovative thinkers. Reynolds is, without a doubt, setting the standard when it comes to high performance new school surfing and has almost single handedly changed the way we think about board selection, particularly when taking to the waters in less than preferable conditions. Two individuals doing their own thing,  Mr Malloy, Mr Reynolds, you have my vote!